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Melissani Undercover Cave and Lake

One of the Ionian islands in Greece, Kefalonia is definitely the greenest and greatest. There’s great quantity of gorgeous nature and breathtaking landscape there. Vacationers and travelers who arrive here are fascinated by the magnificent rugged mountain ranges and also the valleys in between them which are full of number of vineyards.

Just one of Kefalonia’s many well known sightseeing and tours points of interest that travelers can enjoy during their vacation is Melissani Lake. This massive underground cave was formed around one thousand years ago when the ceiling of a huge cave system broke down and tumbled in the sea beneath it uncovering the clear blue waters on the wonderful sunlight above.

Whenever the sunshine its light arrive at the water from the large hole on the caves ceiling and the developing display of aqua blue natural light moving over the water is a thing that all travellers must see.

The primary cavern itself used to be split into two separate caves nevertheless as time passes as more of the cave creased they have become connected and today create a large B form with two massive subterranean lakes joining with a island at their middle. The key cavern is oval with a opening in the ceiling which allows sunlight to flow in, when this sun hits the water it produces the illusion that the boat is flying across the water in the air.

The next to ceilings and walls of the lakes are covered completely with stalagmites and stalactites created more than millions of years producing your trip over the lakes spectacular. Each traveler visit is taken by fishing-boat with a guide. It’s usually a small gondolier or rowing boat that will take around four people through the cave having a guide using a rope to haul the boat across the lake.

The caves were first discovered around 1951 by Ioannis Petrocheilos however the entry as we see it at this time wasn’t built until 1963 once the cave was exposed to the general public and started to be one of the primary vacation attractions around the island of Kefalonia.

Once you stop on the island of Kefalonia it’s recommended that you choose to take a day off from laying in the sun and relaxing to travel to subterranean lake as the tour isn’t high-priced and the experience will help you to make your Kefalonia encounter a moment to not forget!



  1. Mary @ Green Global Travel says:

    The Melissani Lake looks beautiful. This tour is an ideal attraction for visitors to go to since it’s a terrific example of Greece’s nature and is fairly priced. Great photos too!

  2. Bakeca Roma says:

    I’d take my tent right now and camp there for a month and I think I would still love the place

  3. Hey we found this pristine thing that’s been untouched by humans for billions of years; let’s constantly bring people to it!

  4. fifi hofstätter says:

    It looks like the cave in First Love written by Petra Maria Scheid amazon, where Mari and Gomir find true love – sigh, so romantic…

  5. What a beauty! That water looks great! I love the color.

  6. turismo en Portugal says:

    Awesome place, we love it, lokks amazing :). great post!

  7. Sanjana says:

    Excellent Captures!!!! Beautiful lake!!!!

  8. Vedette says:

    I love how clear the water is. And im sure that if ever I do get a chance to visit this place, I will never get tired of going back there.

  9. Beautiful! A boat ride in those caves would be so awesome.

  10. Armands says:

    Amazing caves, just like in movies!

  11. This looks a great experience, an unusual trip for a family and great location for photography. The play of light and water and shadow is beautiful. Nicely captured.

  12. Kiss Online says:

    Very nice places, wish to be there right now

  13. AMAZING ….:)

  14. Physics Games says:

    What a fantasy place, very beautiful.

  15. Looks eerie, like a good place to die and never be found again… on the other hand, I would love to jump from the top into the water, depending on it’s depth of course.

  16. How is it that simply evordbeyy be able to write a blog plus become such as well-liked as this? Its not similar you’ve whispered something incredibly outstanding –more similar youve painted a sweet representation over an matter that you recognize not anything concerning! I dont wish for to seem mean, here. But do you really think that you know how to become away with adding various pretty pictures along with not in reality verbalize anything?

  17. Vedette says:

    This place looks like a lost paradise on earth.

  18. I’m Greek and I’ve been there.

    It’s truly amazing, you feel like you’re on another planet

  19. Denis Callinicos says:

    My Grandfather, ‘papoo’ left his Kefelonia in 1922 and travelled across the world to what was to become and is his final resting place, New Zealand. I,as his grandson remember fondly him telling me in his broken english all about his homeland. I am pleased to say that I visited the lake in june 2004, loved it and saw my Papoo smiling back at me from the waters.

  20. awesome… thanks for sharing

  21. Absolutely stunning!

  22. Bulli Sot says:

    I need to take this kind of photo !!! I need to be on a boat or some type of swimming machine 😉 love it love it ! amazing water and cave shot.

  23. Jaya Lekhwani says:

    ahh it reminds me 127 hours movie, its like rowing boat over the surfaceless blue light

  24. Honolulu Construction Company says:

    WOW this post about touring the Melissani Undercover Cave and Lakeis totally cool – i live in Hawaii and surfing out the moukes isles is very simular to this adventure lols …..

  25. South Africa says:

    Wow…it looks like a dream..very beautiful places…..

  26. saima rani says:

    wawooo thats a real beauty of GOD.

  27. Take me there… this place is gorgeous

  28. Donne Udine says:

    Wow! It’s an amazing place!! I would like to visit it!

  29. Wow, the hidden paradise on earth..

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